NFL Week 5 Recap

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Mike: I started out attempting to watch both the Eagles and Phillies games on Sunday. The Eagles easily jumped out to a 14-0 lead and I focused on the much closer Phillies game. From that point I stuck with the Phillies and only occasionally checked in on the Eagles slowly blowing it. Good choice on my part. I don’t know what’s wrong with the Eagles. They get their chances but don’t do anything with them. Now Westbrook has two broken ribs. If we can’t run the ball, we aren’t going anywhere. Haven’t I heard that before?
Ahad: I ended up DVR’ing the Eagles game so I could watch the Phillies games. I wish I didn’t watch that Eagles game. They started out strong, but then were completely dominated. How was the penalty flag picked up on the punt return for a TD? Have the refs never seen two players with the same number before? That was a terrible call. At first I thought Ed Hocculi was the ref. How does the team fail to put the ball in the end zone from the 2 yard line again? The Eagles run defense was exposed. The question is, is this an aberration or will this become the norm. Westbrook getting hurt was icing on the cake. Unless something changes, this team appears to be in trouble, with or without Westbrook.
Matt: I was able to catch most of the 4th quarter of this game, and saw yet another failure to score at the goal line. Where are the play action rollouts for McNabb? Ahad, I don’t think your run defense was exposed. The Redskins are just very good at running the ball and stopping the run. They did the same thing last week against the Cowboys. The Skins are going to be a force to reckon with the remainder of the season.

Mike: I’m done predicting the Steelers. The image of Roethlisberger running for his life during the Eagles game made me think they have no chance if they have to rely on their passing game. They lose their top two running back and … win?
Ahad: Steelers games are never pretty. This team is hard to get a gauge on. One week, they look pathetic and the next week they look like a solid team. I thought that if this team couldn’t run the ball they would be in trouble.
Matt: The Steelers are a tough, tough team. They are getting by on good defense and some major grit on offense. The Jaguars are supposed to be a physical team, but I am just not seeing it this year. It will be a tough road for them to make the playoffs.

Mike: Since they won without Burress, does that mean he’s getting traded? He could be more trouble in the clubhouse than Shockey was.
Ahad: Apparently Eli has been saying that Hixon is capable of being a top flight receiver. If he keeps it up, plexi-glass could become expendable. After they gave him that contract extension, I just don’t see it happening.
Matt: How bad are the Seahawks this year, seriously? I am not sure what to take from the blowout. Considering that the Seahawks look awful, have the Giants really played anyone? The schedule gets tougher very soon.

Last Week’s Picks

Evan Mike Ahad Matt
Redskins @ Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Redskins
Buccaneers @ Broncos Buccaneers Buccaneers Broncos Buccaneers
Titans @ Ravens Ravens Titans Titans Ravens
Steelers @ Jaguars Steelers Jaguars Jaguars Jaguars
Vikings @ Saints Saints Vikings Vikings Vikings
Record (Last Week) 10-10 (1-4) 10-10 (2-3) 12-8 (3-2) 10-10 (2-3)

Scores from Week 5

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