NFL Week 15 Recap

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Mike: The game should not have been that close. I don’t mind the trick plays, but having DeSean Jackson passing inside the 5 is not a bright move. Also, remember when the Eagles couldn’t run the 2-minute drill? Reid would bumble the clock and the offense would wind up with no points. Now we seem to be able to march down the field no problem and then wind up throwing a pick or getting a field goal back. Can we have the old Reid back? I’d rather no points than the other team getting 7 and going into the half with momentum. I’m concerned about the Eagles playoff prospects. Winning out guarantees them the 7th spot, ahead of Dallas. To get in the playoffs they need a loss by Tampa Bay or Atlanta. Thanks to that tie their win over Atlanta doesn’t help them out. Atlanta has the best chance to lost, playing in Minnesota this week. St. Louis in the final week shouldn’t be a huge hurdle. Tampa Bay hosts San Diego and Oakland to finish the season. I don’t see much hope in either of them.
Evan: Did anyone else see Samuel toss the ball before he got in the endzone? WTF is going on with this team? You would think that the coaching staff would have made a big enough deal after DeSean’s incident that the ref would have to pry the football out of the player’s hands every time they scored. I agree with Mike on the playoff issue. I was bummed out when I looked at the Falcons and Bucs schedule. Minnesota beating Atlanta is the only realistic option. I believe I said something about the tie coming back to haunt the Eagles a few weeks ago (not that I was the only one).
Ahad: I came away from this game completely unimpressed with the Birds. This game should have been an even bigger blowout. The redzone production was pathetic. The so-called offense balance they have now is a farce. They really only run the ball after the game is in hand. The next two games will be very tough and the Eagles will have to play a lot better if they are going to win out. Right now, they can’t worry about the teams ahead them losing, they just need to take care of themselves and hope things fall in place.

Mike: I have a confession to make. I’m liking the Steelers this year. I’m not sure why exactly. Rothelisburger has been playing hurt and managing to win games I didn’t think they had any business being in. My argument in his early years was that he was not an elite QB. He isn’t in the sense of putting up big numbers like your Mannings (of the Peyton variety) or Bradys. He’s good because he wins with an offensive line that doesn’t seem to want to do their job every week. I also like Tomlin. Something always bothered me about Cowher. It helps that, to me, no other individuals really stand out when watching the game. As long as I don’t see too much Parker, Ward, or Polamalu, I’m ok. I think my half watching approach to the games helps that. It seems horrible to enjoy the Steelers, but who else is there in the AFC? I wanted the Bills to do well, I’ve always like them. I would pull for the Titans in the playoffs, but they seem to be running into trouble. No worries about this spreading. I see no redeeming qualities in any of the NFC East teams.
Ahad: I can’t believe you.
Matt: I do feel that the AFC representative in the Super Bowl will either be the Steelers or Colts. The Steelers are riding on some serious luck the past two weeks, and I don’t think that can continue if they wish to get to the Super Bowl. They are gonna have to generate some more offense than they are now. I am also a fan of Tomlin, but I have also always liked Cowher.

Ahad: How bad have things gotten for this team? They had that game in hand and somehow found a way to lose it at the end. Why on Earth would you stop running the ball at the end of the game? They were controlling the ground game and would have been able to run out the clock before that terrible call for the play action pass that turned into the game winning TD for the Jets.
Matt: Very bad. Very, very bad. Wow, everyone, including us back in September and October thought the Bills would win the division. How times have changed. They have only won one game since then, and I believe that was against the Chiefs. Hopefully, they can finish what they started this year, next year.

Matt: They were able to really dominate the Giants defensively. Their pass rush has really cranked it up a few notches these past few weeks. They need to just keep playing the way they are defensively and get the offense rolling again as they push for the playoffs. I also could not believe TO called out and bashed Ed Werder for his reports last week. Who knows what to believe out there. All I know is that TO needs to shut up and play (and catch the ball when it is thrown to him). And how about that Tashard Choice?

Last Week’s Picks

Ahad Mike Matt Evan
Buccaneers @ Falcons Falcons Falcons Falcons
Bills @ Jets Jets Jets Jets
Vikings @ Cardinals Vikings Vikings Cardinals
Steelers @ Ravens Ravens Steelers Ravens
Giants @ Cowboys Giants Giants Cowboys
Record (Last Week) 43-27 (3-2) 40-30 (4-1) 38-32 (3-2) 37-33 (0-5)

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