NFL Week 14 Recap

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Mike: This team makes my head hurt thinking about them. Are they going to lose to the Browns now on MNF and blow what they’ve done these past 2 weeks? Can we get rid of David Akers yet? He makes a crazy 51-yarder, making me think he may be back to his old self. Only to show his new self by getting a short field goal blocked. As for Fox, why did we have to get the worst team for this game? I would pay a great deal of money for a TV with a Siragusa mute button. And what was with the cameramen following blowing bags and trash? They even missed a play why they were following a bag. Apparently the Fox cameramen haven’t seen wind before. Or they’ve just lost the will to live after having to listen to that broadcasting team.
Evan: I missed the game entirely, which sucks because I was very much looking forward to watching it, especially since I was the only one to actually pick the eagles! I think the Eagles beat the Browns on Monday night, then beat Redskins, then tie the Cowboys. Chaos will ensue and it will be decided that the wild card tiebreaker will be decided by whosever home state had the highest ranked BCS school.
Ahad: I was rooting for the Eagles, but couldn’t pick them so I would “win” either way. I don’t blame Akers for the blocked kicks. There really isn’t much he can do about it if his blocking sucks. This team is poised for a playoff run. It is good that they basically control their own destiny. This way they won’t back into the playoffs, if they make it. The Siragusa mute button is a fantastic idea. I will gladly pay for that.
Matt: I only was able to watch some of this game before I had to depart to the Seahawks game. I thought the Eagles were fit to pull the upset. On a side note, my pre-game sideline pass put me within a couple feet of guys like Bill Belichick and Randy Moss among others. Belichick maintained his smug face as I shouted obscenities at him. I hope the Cowboys-Eagles game at the end of the season is a winner goes to the playoffs game. It would get pretty ugly.

What is the best division in football?
Ahad: I am hearing a lot of love for the NFC South, but I have to do NFC East. Of course I am a little biased. The teams in the South are playing well, but most of these teams do their damage at home. I seriously doubt any of those teams, except maybe Carolina, can go on the road and win in the playoffs.
Matt: I would say the NFC East as well. First off, the NFC East is 3-0 against teams from the NFC South with one to play. The South has compiled many of their wins against the sad sack AFC West (although, the NFC East has played the NFC West, so no difference really). I was very impressed with what Carolina did to Tampa Bay on Monday Night. I feel like they could go into Giants Stadium next week and beat the Giants if they run like they did Monday Night. I just feel that the NFC East teams are better balanced in all phases of the game than the South.

Last Week’s Picks

Evan Ahad Mike Matt
Eagles @ Giants Eagles Giants Giants Giants
Falcons @ Saints Falcons Falcons Falcons Saints
Dolphins @ Bills Bills Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins
Cowboys @ Steelers Steelers Steelers Steelers Cowboys
Buccaneers @ Panthers Buccaneers Panthers Buccaneers Panthers
Record (Last Week) 37-28 (2-3) 40-25 (3-2) 36-29 (2-3) 35-30 (3-2)

Scores from Week 14

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