NFL Week 13 Recap

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Mike: What happened there? Is it just that the Eagles can’t play (or Reid can’t call plays) when challenged early in games? Warner threw 2 early picks in the game and the Eagles were able to get into the end zone when they made it to the red zone. The early lead gave the offense confidence and perhaps contributed to the Cardinals dropping passes throughout the game. After seeing that game a lot of people are likely thinking about getting back on the bandwagon. If they play like that, they can win out and get to the playoffs, I just don’t expect it to happen against the NFC East teams left to play. I also think we’ll see over the next few weeks if the Cardinals are good any more. Although, for them to win the division they don’t need to be any good. Maybe the lack of pressure has caused them to relax.
Matt: I thought this was going to be the best game of Thanksgiving Day. I stopped watching around halftime. Most people would want to point out this was another case of a west coast team going east. First off all, Arizona is not exactly on the west coast. Second, they are in the Mountain Time Zone. Third, how many teams from the west coast time zone are any good? A big fat ZERO. The records of those teams are what, 13-35?
Ahad: The Eagles were impressive, but I still have my doubts about this team. We will be able to get a read on this team after they play the Giants. A lot of Eagles fans are on the extremes about the performance of this team. One week they are worse than the Lions and the next they are Super Bowl Contenders. I try and remain objective and keep an even keel regarding the team. They still have an outside shot at the playoffs, but I’m not holding my breath.

Matt: He is an idiot. There are still lots more details to come out yet, but I agree with mostly everyone else with opinions in the sports world that he will never suit up for the Giants again.
Ahad: I agree that he is an idiot and should be penalized. I did see today that his teammate Steve Smith was held up at gunpoint outside his home. Maybe Plax was trying to hoard the cash before he starts losing game checks.

Last Week’s Picks

Evan Matt Mike Ahad
Giants @ Redskins Giants Giants Giants Giants
Saints @ Buccaneers Buccaneers Buccaneers Buccaneers Buccaneers
Falcons @ Chargers Chargers Chargers Falcons Chargers
Steelers @ Patriots Patriots Steelers Steelers Patriots
Bears @ Vikings Bears Vikings Vikings Vikings
Record (Last Week) 35-25 (2-3) 32-28 (4-1) 34-26 (5-0) 37-23 (3-2)

Scores from Week 13

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