NFL Week 12 Recap

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Super Bowl Thoughts
Evan: I’m rooting for a Jets-Packers Super Bowl. I don’t think it will happen, but I actually think the Jets have a better shot of getting there than Green Bay. The only team who could beat the Giants in the NFC is a healthy and drama free Dallas. There has been talk on sports radio this week of a possible Jets-Giants Super Bowl, which some think would be as bad as the Yankees and Mets in 2001. I disagree, what would save that Super Bowl from anti-NY sentiment is the Brett Favre factor and the fact that the Jets have been so terrible for a decade.
Matt: This matchup definitely won’t happen. The Packers are going to have a tough time making the playoffs alone, unless they end up winning their division. The recent prediction of a Jets-Giants Super Bowl is also very intriguing, if only because they would likely end up hosting their respective championship games in the same building, which are normally played on the same Sunday. I would like to see them figure that one out.
Ahad: I have no interest in a Giants-Jets Super Bowl. It won’t be as bad as the Mets-Yankees World Series, but it would be right up there with it. I don’t see either team making it to the Super Bowl.

Mike: I said last week that the Eagles looked like a bad team. They certainly proved it this week. I’m not sure I understand Reid’s thinking of throwing Kolb out there only to bring McNabb back this week. Has he decided to run a 2 QB system? My only guess is that he was resting McNabb for Thanksgiving night. That doesn’t make no sense, but you have to think well outside the box at this point with Reid.
Matt: I don’t know what is going on with Reid this year, but he seems to be making some odd decisions, especially with play calling, and now player personnel. McNabb has had a rough few weeks. I was thinking during the Week 2 Eagles-Cowboys matchup that McNabb looked great and rejuvenated. He was running around making plays everywhere. But I also thought during that game that he was expending so much energy. He got tired at the end of that game, and is now tiring as the season has progressed. I doubt he will be in Philadelphia next year.
Ahad: The Eagles are a bad team. I have a problem will Reid pulling McNabb against the Ravens. Your best chance to win is with McNabb. You can’t ask an unproven QB to come against that defense and do anything. The way Reid did it also proved that he has no class and no loyalty. I was shocked to learn that Reid didn’t even tell McNabb he was being pulled himself. He made the quarterbacks coach do it. These two guys have been together for 10 years. McNabb has always been a company man, never said anything negative about the team or Reid, and Reid turns around and treats him like that. That is just disgraceful. Going back to McNabb this week just proves that Reid isn’t confident in his decision. He saw how bad Kolb was and realizes that if he sends him out there again, he might be booed out of town. At this point, I think they both need to go and the team needs to start over. For all the McNabb haters out there, please name 5 qbs who you would rather have. For as bad as he has been this year, he is still capable of being an elite qb.

Last Week’s Picks

Evan Matt Mike Ahad
Jets @ Titans Jets Titans Titans Titans
Patriots @ Dolphins Patriots Dolphins Patriots Patriots
Panthers @ Falcons Falcons Falcons Panthers Falcons
Giants @ Cardinals Giants Cardinals Giants Giants
Colts @ Chargers Colts Colts Colts Colts
Record (Last Week) 33-22 (5-0) 28-27 (2-3) 29-26 (3-2) 34-21 (4-1)

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