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NFL Preview – Week 16

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Chargers @ Titans, Friday 7:30pm
Evan: No one is playing better than San Diego. They saw what can happen when they play a team that is emotionally charged up, which Tennessee will be since they are technically still alive in the playoff hunt. I like the upset scenario here. Pick: Tennessee
Ahad: I am going to ride the hot hand and stick with the Chargers. Pick: Chargers
Mike: The Chargers December streak concerns me a bit after the Cowboys seemed to turn their December struggles last week. I’d like to not have to hear about the Titans anymore. Pick: Chargers
Matt: Both teams are playing well, but Tennessee needs this game to stay in the playoff hunt. You can run the ball on the Chargers, so Chris Johnson should have a big day. The key will be if the Titans D can slow the Chargers passing game. Hard to pick against the Chargers, but I will go with the upset. Pick: Titans

Ravens @ Steelers, Sunday 1pm
Evan: Ravens are looking like they’re in good shape for the playoffs, but it’s not a done deal. Pitt is on life support. I think Baltimore puts it away. Pick: Baltimore
Ahad: Despite the last second win last week, the Steelers are still in trouble. The Ravens will take care of business. Pick: Ravens
Mike: The Steelers are making their push. They are going to need a lot of help but they need to get the wins for themselves first. Pick: Steelers
Matt: Yikes, can the Pittsburgh D stop anyone? What happened to them this year? Are they really that dependent on Polamalu? Tough call here. The Ravens barely beat the Steelers at home when they had Dennis Dixon at QB. I’ll be rooting for the Ravens, but I think the Steelers will make things interesting. Don’t count out the defending champs yet. Pick: Steelers

Jaguars @ Patriots, Sunday 1pm
Evan: Jags always play the Pats tough, but not tough enough in New England in December. Pick: Pats
Ahad: The Patriots need to start playing better before the playoffs. Pick: Pats
Mike: Patriots clinch the division. Pick: Patriots
Matt: After 3 straight home games, the Jags go on the road to a tough place to play but maybe not as tough as it used to be. The Pats have not been playing well of late, and the Jaguars need this game to stay in the playoff hunt. The Jags keep the game close, but the Pats will win it. Pick: Patriots

Raiders @ Browns, Sunday 1pm
Evan: If you lived in Cleveland and had free tickets to this game, would you go? (it will be 33 degrees at kickoff). I would not. Pick: Oakland
Ahad: The answer to Evan’s question is no. The Browns have been playing better football as of late (it couldn’t get much worse). Most of these guys are looking to make an impression on the new boss. Pick: Browns
Mike: The Raiders: The most exciting team in the final minute. Their D is keeping them close and then they keep seem to come up with miracle wins. It’s time for a convincing win. Pick: Raiders
Matt: Both teams have turned their fortunes around the past few weeks. It is crazy to think that both these teams have beaten Pittsburgh. I think the Raiders are playing better right now. Pick: Raiders

Jets @ Colts, Sunday 4:15pm
Evan: The Colts want to run the table, especially now that the Saints are out of the picture. Pick: Indy
Ahad: Colts stay perfect. Pick: Indy
Mike: One of the rare times I’ll mention fantasy. I have Manning and Addai. The Colts giving up gives me no chance at winning. Even if they do start, the Jets aren’t very good. The Colts should only need a half to take care of them. Pick: Colts
Matt: This is a hard game to predict. How long will the Colts starters play? If I were Jim Caldwell, I would let them play out the season. The Colts have had several dominating regular seasons in a row, but only one Super Bowl win and a few other playoff victories to their name. They need to keep the momentum rolling into the playoffs. The Jets defense will give the Colts trouble, but their offense doesn’t really scare anybody. The Colts squeak by, again. Pick: Colts

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