NFL Preview – Week 14

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Bengals @ Vikings, Sunday 1pm
Evan: I think the Vikings will be mad they lost last week. Pick: Vikings
Matt: The Vikings have been dominating opponents at home while their only two losses have been on the road. The last three weeks, the Bengals have played Oakland, Cleveland, and Detroit. The combined score from those games is 56-40 in favor of Cincinnati as they have gone 2-1 in that stretch. They are going to need to play better than that to beat the Vikings. Both defenses are pretty good, but the Vikings struggled last week defending the pass. That is where the Bengals could end up hurting them. Regardless, I like the Vikings at home in a close one. Pick: Vikings
Ahad: Maybe the Vikings will actually start giving the ball the AP. I agree with Evan in that they will be looking to avenge last week’s loss. Pick: Vikings
Mike: I’m not currently on the Bengals bandwagon. They lost to the Raiders then had to face Cleveland and Detroit, you can learn anything there. Even with the Vikings loss to the Cardinals I don’t think you can make a case to pick the Bengals. Pick: Vikings

Broncos @ Colts, Sunday 1pm
Evan: Colts stay undefeated. Pick: Colts
Matt: Can anyone beat the Colts this year? I mean, seriously, it has been unreal. The same thing goes for New Orleans. They keep surviving close games. I think the Broncos defense can somewhat contain the Colts offense. The problem is that’s not enough. They don’t have enough offense to keep up. Pick: Colts
Ahad: I don’t like this Broncos team and the Colts are rolling right now. Pick: Colts
Mike: Broncos seemed to have clawed their way back to respectability. But these are the Colts. Pick: Colts

Dolphins @ Jaguars, Sunday 1pm
Evan: Is this all of a sudden a good game? I’m not sure. Normally I curse these two teams because I always get stuck watching them on regional CBS coverage. The way they are playing lately though, I might tune in. Pick: Fish
Matt: Game of the weekend maybe? Both are playing for their playoff lives. The Dolphins could still win their division, but the Jags will have to go the wild card route. The Dolphins will have to be able to stop the run to have a chance. I like the way they are playing and I am still not a believer in the Jaguars. Pick: Dolphins
Ahad: Dolphins are coming off a big win and will look to keep the momentum going. Pick: Dolphins
Mike: The Jags have been messing with me. I haven’t a clue what to do with them. The Dolphins win over the Pats gives me no choice. Pick: Dolphins

Chargers @ Cowboys, Sunday 4:15pm
Evan: I heard on the radio the other day that the Chargers were playing the best football in the AFC. That’s good enough for me. Pick: Chargers
Matt: The Cowboys should take a page out of the Chargers book on playing well in late season games. They have won a NFL record 15 straight games in the month of December. And we all know about the Cowboys December woes, blah, blah, blah. The Cowboys are at home and desperate. That should count for something, right? It makes for a closer game, but I still like the Chargers. Pick: Chargers
Ahad: I am going to be different on this one. The Cowboys need this game in order to shed that reputation of being losers in December. Pick: Cowboys
Mike: Romo. December. Pick: Chargers

Eagles @ Giants, Sunday 8:20pm
Evan: Giants got a big win last week against Dallas. Eagles got an expected win, although maybe the ease with which they dominated was a surprise. This is too important a game for me to jinx it. Pick: Giants
Matt: The Giants are favored in this game? Say what? The Eagles handled the Giants easily in their earlier matchup this season, and the Giants certainly have not improved their pass defense. They are at home, and probably still desperate, so they have that going for them. If they get the big plays they did last week against Dallas, then I could maybe see them pulling it out. I doubt they do that two weeks in a row. I am pulling for a Giants loss in the event the Cowboys have to go the wild card route to get into the playoffs. The Giants have the tie breaker should they have the same record because they swept the season series. Pick: Eagles
Ahad: The Eagles are finally getting healthy and will take care of business. Pick: Eagles
Mike: Yikes. I’ve been waiting for the Giants to prove they have a team this year and they finally did. Now I’m nervous for this game and its a lousy Sunday Night game (I hate these night games). The Eagles have been playing well and they are getting healthier (and less suspended) each week. Pick: Eagles

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