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NFL Preview – Week 13

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Texans @ Jaguars, Sunday 1pm
Ahad: Going with my gut on this one. Pick: Texans
Mike: Good gut Ahad. The Jags did with the first matchup but the Texans have had a rough go of it lately. Who scheduled them to play the Colts twice in four weeks? That’s just not right. I still think they are a much better team than the Jags. Pick: Texans
Evan: Any Jags fans that there are will be up in Atlanta this weekend watching the Gators Pick: (Mike: I’m pretty sure Evan was picking the Texans based on his point.)
Matt: Did Evan pick the Texans as well? Houston needs a win really bad having dropped their last 3 albeit against two teams that are on hot streaks. The Jags having been squeaking by in their wins against weaker competition. The Jags have a slight advantage at home, but the Houston aerial attack should overwhelm them. Pick: Texans

Eagles @ Falcons, Sunday 1pm
Ahad: The Eagles are still battling a lot of injuries, but so are the Falcons. This game will be missing some firepower without Westbrook, Jackson, Ryan and possibly Turner. The big story line however is going to be Vick’s return Atlanta. Vick won’t have much of an impact on this game. The biggest concern for the Eagles is going to be covering Gonzalez. Tight ends always give the Eagles problems and I think the Falcons will lean on him. Either way, I think the Eagles keep up their success with a balanced offensive attack. Pick: Eagles
Mike: No Ryan, no win. The Eagles can plug the Desean hole. Maclin will be a big target. Also, Avant should finally get his chance to show he has starting ability. Pick: Eagles
Evan: Is Matt Ryan not playing? That’s what I implied from Janke’s comment. If he was, I was thinking about going with the Eagles, especially without Westbrook and Jackson. If Ryan is out, however, I like the birds. Pick: Eagles
Matt: The Falcons have been dominant at home over the last 2 seasons, losing only one game. With Ryan out though, I don’t really give them much of a chance in this game unless Chris Redman plays lights out and Michael Turner puts up some yards. Heck, even Ryan hasn’t played that well this season, so maybe Redman will be a difference maker. I doubt it. McNabb will need to play well to get the win. Eagles by a FG. Pick: Eagles

Cowboys @ Giants, Sunday 4:15pm
Ahad: The Giants have been struggling and losing Pierce is a big injury. Eli is also banged up and that doesn’t help the Giants cause. This team looks like they are in disarray right now. Look for the Cowboys to establish the run and take control of the game. Pick: Cowboys
Mike: I hate this Giants team. I mean when it comes to picking their games. I always hate both teams generally. I still feel like the Giants have some game in them. I’ve had that feeling for a few weeks and keep getting burned. I also don’t feel comfortable picking the Cowboys, but they are winning. So I have to go with logic. Pick: Cowboys
Evan: I feel like the Giants do not have any game in them. However, it is December and Romo historically plays terrible this month. Pick: Giants
Matt: The Giants are in desperation mode, but so too are the Cowboys in a way. The Giants need a win to keep in playoff contention, and the Cowboys need a win to start off December on the right foot. The Cowboys put up 250 yards rushing in their earlier matchup, so I look for them to get the run going early to establish some play action throws downfield to Austin. The Giants want to do the same thing, but they haven’t been successful in running the ball lately. I look for that to continue as the Cowboys roll. Pick: Cowboys

Vikings @ Cardinals, Sunday 8:20pm
Ahad: Is Warner going to play in this game? The Cardinals are not the same team with Leinart running the show. Either way, it won’t matter because the Vikings are a better team. Pick: Vikings
Mike: That was quite a trip Ahad just took us on. Reading his first point about Warner had me thinking, ‘what difference is Warner going to make?’ Then he answered his question. I am still rooting for the Vikings breakdown. I’ll be watching something else while rooting for that. Peterson is just too fast. Pick: Vikings
Evan: No doubt – Vikings.
Matt: I think Warner will be playing, so that will make it the battle of the QB geezers. The Cardinals have not been real dominating of late against weaker competition while the Vikings have been blowing people out. The real question here is, do you think Adrian Peterson has some added motivation? A lot of people are saying Chris Johnson has overtaken Peterson as the league’s best back. This season anyway, it is true. But I am sure Peterson saw what Johnson did last week against the Cards defense. Can he go for more yards? We will see. The Cards should be scared. Pick: Vikings

Ravens @ Packers, Monday 8:30pm
Ahad: This Ravens team can do some damage and the Packers don’t impress me. Pick: Ravens
Mike: Yawn. I don’t like this Packers team at all. Ravens are very good. I’m pointing to a weak week of games. Pick: Ravens
Evan: I actually enjoyed watching the Ravens last week. I like this Rice kid. I recall picking him out of oblivion as a Heisman candidate a few years ago when no one (not even Janke) knew who he was. Pick: Ravens
Matt: Wow, I am surprised you all picked the Ravens. The Packers are favored and mostly everyone is picking them to win. I am with you guys though. I think the Ravens will pressure Rodgers a lot, and they will need to to protect their weak secondary. I like Ray Rice a lot too. That is why I scooped him a few weeks ago for my fantasy team. He’s had 8 straight games with over 100 yards from scrimmage. He dominates again. Pick: Ravens

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