NFL Week 4 Preview

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Atlanta @ Carolina, Sunday 1pm
Mike: What we have here is a good Panthers team and an Atlanta team the might be good? That’s the impression the Falcons have given but have you seen who they’ve played? They easily beat the Lions and Chiefs. Look out, just give them the title now. What? They got beaten up by the Bucs? Well then … Pick: Panthers
Evan: I know Atlanta hasn’t played anybody, but I feel like maybe this is the team that will win some games against better teams for inexplicable reasons. Maybe its karma coming back around after the pitbullgate and mynameisbobbypetrinoimajerkoffgate. Pick: Falcons
Matt: I like what Mike Smith is doing with this young Falcons team, and they will put up a fight with the Panthers. Surprisingly, the Panthers have not played well at home over the last few years, so this should be a good game. Pick: Carolina in a close one
Ahad: I don’t think Atlanta is very good. This will remain my opinion until they beat a good team. Pick: Panthers

Minnesota @ Tennessee, Sunday 1pm
Mike: With Adrian Peterson improved from last week puts this game very close to a toss-up in my book. As I mentioned the other day, I’m excited about this Titans team so I’ll take them at home. Pick: Titans
Evan: I am not on the Tennessee bandwagon. I’m not a fan of anything football related coming from that state. I still like Minnesota’s defense. Pick: Vikings
Matt: Great matchup of similary built teams. It will likely be a low scoring affair with whoever can pass the ball better coming away with the win. Both defenses are stout against the run, but I like Tennessee’s secondary to shut down the Minnesota passing attack. The opportunistic defense wins. Pick: Tennessee
Ahad: A battle of two good teams playing backup qbs. This game will probably come down which quarterback avoids making the big mistake. I will go with the PSU connection. Pick: Titans

Cleveland @ Cincinnati, Sunday 1pm
Mike: This one looks like a winner. Derek Anderson is getting the start. How badly does he have to play against the Bengals to get replaced? He might be able to do just well enough to hang around the whole game. I think the Bengals have confidence after taking the Giants to OT. Pick: Bengals
Evan: Ooohio, the ultimate toss up state. The epitome of mediocrity. Right now I think the best football team in this state is Miami (OH). I thought the Browns would be playing much better by now. This is the week they get it figured out. Pick: Browns
Matt: You can just see the headlines on Monday. OHIO FINALLY WINS ONE! Unless there is a tie of course. Either way, this matches up two underachieving teams, but the Bengals played decent and showed some fight last week. Haven’t seen that from the Browns yet. Bring on Brady Quinn! Pick: Cincinnati
Ahad: A showdown between two bad teams. Does anyone really care who wins this game? The Bungals showed some life last week. Look for Quinn to finally get some playing time. Pick: Bengals.

Green Bay @ Tampa Bay, Sunday 1pm
Mike: I try to avoid talking fantasy in these posts, but can Ryan Grant please find the end zone? If the Packers are going to be a real threat, that needs to happen. I doubt Griese can match his 400+ yard performance against the Packers defense. Without Al Harris the Packers pass defense might give up a few more yards, but should reduce their penalty yards by about the same amount. Pick: Packers
Evan: Tampa had little business coming back to win that game against the Bears. I agree with Mike’s assessment on Griese. I like teams that are coming off a nationally televised prime time loss. Pick: Packers
Matt: This was supposed to be the Favre Bowl until the Jets swooped in and snatched up Favre. I think Tampa will be able to run the ball and control the clock in this game. Aaron Rodgers takes a step back in his progess after facing Monte Kiffin’s D. Pick: Tampa Bay
Ahad: Is Griese going to be able to throw the ball this week? It doesn’t matter. The Tampa defense doesn’t scare people the way it used to. I think the Packers are the better team. Pick: Packers

Philadelphia @ Chicago, Sunday 8:15pm
Mike: If the Eagles defense caused Roethlisberger so much trouble, what does that mean for Orton? McNabb and Westbrook are both banged up but McNabb always plays well when he heads home. My guess is that this week’s practices focused on Booker being in more of the Westbrook role so the offense doesn’t fall apart if he isn’t 100%. Pick: Eagles
Evan: Was Pitts o-line really bad, or can the Eagles replicate this every game? The Eagles offense is much more dynamic than what the Bears saw last week. Can’t pick against my boys (but if sexy rexy ever comes in, look out!). Pick: Eagles
Matt: Tough game to call. The Eagles are a little banged up on offense, so this should be a good defensive battle. The Bear’s defense just can’t run out of gas and give up leads at the end of games like they have the past two weeks. The Bears are going to need to get a running game going against the Eagles #1 run defense to take the pressure off Orton. If they can do that, they will keep the game close. I think the Bear’s defense gets a few turnovers in this game. Pick: Chicago
Ahad: This game could get ugly. If the Bucs had 60+ pass attempts against the Bears, I think Reid might go for 100. It doesn’t matter if Westbrook plays or not. For the record, I think he shouldn’t play. Look for Hank Baskett to have another big day, maybe his new lady will be on the sidelines again. Pick: Eagles

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