BF NFL Week 3 Preview

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Carolina @ Minnesota, Sunday 1pm
Evan: Is Peterson playing or not? My whole pick rides on this situation. I like Carolina if Minnesota is sans Peterson. I don’t think Mike will let me give a qualifier though, so because of their defense, and it’s at home. Pick: Minnesota
Mike: Steve Smith is back for the Panthers. Gus Ferotte is starting for the Vikings. I think even if Peterson plays, he’s not 100%. Pick: Panthers
Matt: I really like the toughness Carolina has displayed the first two weeks of the season. Minnesota really needs to win this game, though. I don’t think the switch to Gus Frerotte will make much of a difference. Minnesota struggles some against the pass, and with Steve Smith looking at his first action of the season, I don’t see them stopping Carolina’s offense. Pick: Carolina
Ahad: It doesn’t matter that Steve Smith is back. The Vikings will be carried by their defense and running game, even if Peterson doesn’t play. Pick: Minnesota

Tampa Bay @ Chicago, Sunday 1pm
Evan: Which Chicago team shows up? Is Griese the real deal in Tampa (and how many times has that been asked about Griese)? I’m gonna have to go home state on this one. Pick: Tampa Bay
Mike: Brian Griese vs Kyle Orton. The Bears continue to somehow get by with what Orton gives them. The Bears D will give Griese all sorts of problems. Pick: Bears
Matt: Brian Griese has played in Chicago and is familiar with their defense. However, I feel like Chicago has been playing some good football, playing it safe on offense and playing tough defense. I like the home team. Pick: Chicago
Ahad: Tampa has all kinds of problems at the quarterback position. Chicago will look to attack Griese and show just how bad a QB he is. Pick: Bears

New Orleans @ Denver, Sunday 4:05pm
Evan: Denver is looking pretty sweet. Brees has not lived up to anything yet, and Colston is still out. Pick: Denver
Mike: Cutler tried to give that game away last week before getting saved by Hochuli. As long as Brandon Marshall and stay on the field (not suspended or in jail) then this offense will be very difficult to stop. Pick: Broncos
Matt: Neither defense has played all that great, so this will be a shootout. First team to 40 wins. I like the way Cutler is playing right now. Pick: Denver
Ahad: Despite getting lucky last week, Denver is still a good football team. The Saints are struggling on offense without Colston and Shockey has yet to do anything for his new team. Sean Payton might have a new contract extension, but he comes up short in this game. Pick: Denver

Cleveland @ Baltimore, Sunday 4:15pm
Evan: This is the kind of game that I won’t watch and know nothing about. I’d be mildly interested if Brady Quinn got in the game. Pick: Cleveland, I literally just flipped a coin
Mike: The Browns lost a hard fought game against Pittsburgh last week. The Ravens had the week off, thanks to the hurricane. This week both teams will learn a lot about their QBs. Is Flacco for real? Is it time for Quinn? I’m saying yes to both. Pick: Ravens
Matt: The Baltimore D is rested and ready for this one, but I think Cleveland will get the offense going this week. Whether or not that comes with a switch to Quinn, I don’t know. All I know is that Cleveland needs to win. Pick: Cleveland
Ahad: Cleveland has yet to impress me on either side of the ball. Baltimore’s defense will be ready for this matchup. Flacco does just enough to lead the Ravens to victory. Pick: Baltimore

Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia, Sunday 4:15pm
Evan: One of my students is a Steelers fan. We have a “wearing a t-shirt on Monday bet” going. I feel like Philly (both the crowd and the team) is going to be pumped up after that game in Dallas. Pick: Philly
Mike: I fear that after that MNF game and the Steelers playing in poor conditions Sunday night, everyone has forgotten that the Steelers are pretty good. I’m glad this game is at home for the Eagles. An away game could easily be a letdown. The fans should be pumped to welcome this team back and keep them going for a solid win. Pick: Eagles
Matt: I got all the information I needed about these two teams watching them play the past Sunday and Monday nights. I feel an Eagles win, and it may not even be close. Pick: Philadelphia
Ahad: I’m glad I no longer live with Dave because this week would have been brutal hearing how great the Steelers are. The Eagles showed how explosive the offense can be. I don’t think the Steelers can score enough points to keep up. Pick: EAGLES

Matt’s Extra Thought
No Cowboys and Packers? It is probably the marquee game of the weekend. As much as I feel the Packers may take this one, it is hard for me to pick against the Cowboys at this point. Romo’s first start in his home state will result in a win. Pick: Cowboys by a field goal

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