NFL Week 12 Preview

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Jets @ Titans, Sunday 1pm
Evan: I’m sticking with my philosophy of picking against the Titans until they lose. Pick: Jets
Matt: Oh boy, I would love to pick the Jets here. They are playing well, but the Titans are tough, especially at home. I feel like the Titans will force at least one Favre turnover, and that will be the difference in the game. Pick: Titans
Mike: I’ve been very surprised by the Jets play this year. Still, the Titans haven’t lost yet. I have the opposite approach of Evan. Pick: Titans
Ahad: Titans

Patriots @ Dolphins, Sunday 1pm
Evan: Who would have thought this would be a must see game back in August? The Dolphins have had a nice run, but Belichek holds grudges. Pick: Pats
Matt: Matt Cassell has turned himself into a pretty good QB. This was the upset of the year when the Dolphins wildcatted all over the Patriots earlier this year. Miami has won 4 in a row, and should have the edge at home. Pick: Dolphins
Mike: I stayed on the Pats bandwagon as long as I could this year. They just let me down for the last time in that blowout at the hands of the Chargers. Now their offense is looking good and they’ve been in every game since that Chargers loss. The Dolphins have been barely getting by. Their last 2 games have been 2 point wins against Seattle and Oakland. I think the Pats offense is rolling now. If their defense gets on board they could be dangerous. Pick: Patriots
Ahad: Patriots

Panthers @ Falcons, Sunday 4:15pm
Evan: Big NFC South matchup. Matt Ryan has not been sacked at home, I also think his TD/Int ratio is 11-1 at home. Pick: Falcons
Matt: Both teams run the ball well, but I am not completely sold on the Panthers yet. Jake Delhomme has struggled these past few weeks, and only because of their running game were they able to win. The Falcons lost a tough one last week, but I think they will rebound with a win here. Pick: Falcons
Mike: Maybe I’ve been a bad NFL observer, but I know very little about the Panthers. Apparently they are 8-2. Those losses were at Minnesota and at Tampa Bay. Carolina won their Week 4 matchup 24-9. Matt Ryan has had a few more games and is playing at home this time, so things will get a little closer. Still, I like the Panthers to take control. Pick: Panthers
Ahad: Falcons

Giants @ Cardinals, Sunday 4:15pm
Evan: Cards play very well at home. They must have enough film on Eli to come up with some kind of game plan, but it won’t matter because New York’s O-line is too good. Pick: New York
Matt: Can the Cardinals stop the run? If they can, and its a big IF, they will have a very good chance in this game. They have an active defense that gets after the passer, and that should cause Eli some problems. I don’t see the Giants defense slowing the Cardinals passing attack. I will go for the upset. Pick: Cardinals
Mike: No team has come into University of Phoenix Stadium this year and come out with a win. True fact. I also hear the Giants are a good road team. The Giants will continue to run the ball well and the d-line should be able to get to Warner. Pick: Giants
Ahad: Giants

Colts @ Chargers, Sunday 8:15pm
Evan: Chargers look cathartic. Pick: Colts
Matt: Will this be the nail in the coffin for the Chargers? The Colts have gotten back on track, somewhat. They aren’t blowing anybody out, but they are making enough plays to win. The Chargers, on the other hand, are not. They are at home, but I think Peyton gets some revenge. Pick: Colts
Mike: Are the Cots rolling now? 3 straight wins: New England, Pittsburgh, and Houston. All close games, but that’s ok, even against the Texans, who always seem to play the Colts well. Now the Chargers came across the country last week and, depending on who you ask, lost by 1 to the Steelers. I like the Colts to put up a lot of points, and the Chargers, not quite as many. Pick: Colts
Ahad: Colts

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