NFL Week 11 Preview

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Bears @ Packers, Sunday 1pm
Mike: Tough loss for the Packers last week. With the division so tight, this is a very important game for both teams. I think this is an even matchup if Orton plays, but I haven’t heard a final decision yet. I’ll go with the idea that Grossman or a banged up Orton won’t pull it off. Pick: Packers
Evan: Sexy Rexy and I have too much of a history. I am probably the only person who likes him, including his mother. At the same time, he’s not a good quarterback. Pick: Packers
Matt: The Packers are going to need to learn how to stop the run if they really want to win this one. It should be another one of those grind it out NFC North match ups. I just think the Bears’ ability to run the ball and play good defense puts them over the top in this game. Pick: Bears
Ahad: There is no way that Grossman has any confidence at all right now. Lovie said he can’t wait for Orton to get so he doesn’t have to worry about the QB situation. Rex is good for at least 2 turnovers. Pick: Packers

Ravens @ Giants, Sunday 1pm
Mike: Can you pick against the Giants straight up right now? Especially at home? There is still that bad loss to the Browns in their rear view mirror that should be some concern. How did that even happen? The Ravens come in ‘hot’ with 4 straight wins. Those wins being Miami, Oakland, Cleveland, and Houston. Hense the ‘hot’. The most that can be hoped for by the rest of the league is that the Ravens show how to slow down the Giants running game. Pick: Giants
Evan: I think the Ravens pull off a stunner here. I still think the Giants are the most mediocre 1 loss team I’ve seen in a long time. It doesn’t appear that they dominate any one facet of the game. I’m more or less just really hoping for a Ravens win here. Pick: Baltimore
Matt: This is shaping up to be a very, very good game. The only concern I would have is how Flacco fares against the Giants D. He has been playing beyond his years, but this will be a new test. If the Ravens D plays the way they have so far this season, I like the Ravens chances. It should be a low scoring affair. Pick: Baltimore
Ahad: The Giants are on a roll right now. I don’t like them, but they are winning games. They will have trouble running the ball against the Ravens, but the Ravens are banged up in the secondary and that could be the difference in the game. Flacco could be in some trouble against the blitzing Giants defense. Pick: Giants

Vikings @ Buccaneers, Sunday 1pm
Mike: Tampa Bay has yet to lose at home this year. They also get Cadillac back this week. It looks like Dunn and Graham (the Bucs top 2 RBs) are questionable. I’m not sure Garcia can continue to carry the load. I like the Vikings here but look for the Bucs to be strong the rest of the way and make the playoffs.
Evan: Bucs home field advantage is one of the most underrated in the NFL. I’m not sure why they play better there, the fans are not super passionate, and the place does not get ridiculously loud. Still, Gruden finds a way. Pick: Bucs
Matt: This looks like another, tough, defensive game. Will the Bucs be able to bottle up Adrian Peterson? I am not so sure. I feel like he will be the difference. Pick: Minnesota
Ahad: I expect to see AP run wild in this one. Home field or not, I like the Vikes. Pick: Vikings

Chargers @ Steelers, Sunday 4:15pm
Mike: I caught the end of both of these teams games last week. The Chargers won on a failed 2pt conversion attempt by the Chiefs. The Steelers continue to be banged up, which is why this game may even appear to be close on paper. There has been a lot of talk about west coast teams coming east. I haven’t seen any hard numbers. The Chargers are 1-4 on the road, the win being at Oakland. Pittsburgh is a long way to travel, and not friendly to opposing teams in general. Even if Roethlisberger’s shoulder falls off, I still think the Steelers can get it done. Pick: Steelers
Evan: I’m pretty sure I heard that west coast teams coming east are 1-12. Pick: Steelers
Matt: I don’t know what is up with the Chargers this year. They barely got by the Chiefs last week, and have been seriously struggling. I think the Steelers would win this one even if it were played in San Diego. Pick: Pittsburgh
Ahad: The Steelers are pretty banged up but Parker is supposed to be back for this game. Evan mentioned how teams coming east don’t fare well. The Chargers aren’t as good as expected. Pick: Steelers

Cowboys @ Redskins, Sunday 8:15pm
Mike: Romo will be back. Felix Jones might be back. This is a tough game to jump back into, at Washington. I think the Cowboys were already beginning their struggles before Romo went down. The Redskins won the previous matchup in Dallas 26-24, and Romo was healthy in that game. As Dallas gets healthy they could be a threat later in the year, if they haven’t fallen too far already. Pick: Redskins
Evan: Romo comes out shooting so he can help out my fantasy team. Dallas needs to win to make the East’s wild card chances that much more complicated. Pick: Cowboys
Matt: Romo is back. This will help out the offense immensely. I think the key to this game is Clinton Portis’ absence more so than Romo’s return. Without Portis, I think the Redskins will struggle to run the ball, making them one dimensional. This gives the advantage to the Cowboys defense, and they need all the advantages they can get. The Cowboys really need to win this one to keep their postseason hopes alive. Pick: Dallas
Ahad: Romo or not, things aren’t going well for the Cowboys. If Portis doesn’t play, the Redskins are in trouble. I believe Jerry Jones guaranteed a playoff berth for his squad so they have to win this game. I expect TO to have about 15 touches in this game. Pick: Cowboys

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