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NFL Preview – Week 15

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Cowboys @ Saints, Saturday 8:20pm
Mike: Did you hear NFL Net has both undefeated teams on this week? Oh, sorry, I forgot you had ears. The Cowboys need this game. They follow this up with the newly pesky Skins and Eagles to finish the year. The Saints just aren’t going to slow down just yet. Pick: Saints
Evan: Saints will dominate. It’s December and it’s the Cowboys
Ahad: I must agree with the rest of the crew. Pick: Saints
Matt: Oh boy, it’s rough being a Cowboys fan. The Cowboys do need this game in the worst way. Can they do it? The fan inside of me says they can, but the reasonable analyst inside of me says probably not. The Saints at home are tough. Their closest game in the Superdome was an 8 point win against Atlanta. The Cowboys need to score touchdowns when they are in the red zone and the defense needs to limit the big play. The analyst says the Saints will win but not cover the spread. The fan says the Cowboys will step up with their backs against the wall and give the Saints their first loss. What do I have to lose? Pick: Cowboys

49ers @ Eagles, Sunday 1pm
Mike: People are still pumped about the Eagles from the Sunday Night game. They weren’t that far from losing that game and having the complete opposite reaction all week. The defense was not good. At least they were smacked with that news in a win so they can start to figure things out. The 9ers held on to their hopes with a win last week. My memories of these games the past few years is the Eagles running the 9ers off the field. In there last 3 matchups the Eagles have won each by at least 14. Pick: Eagles
Evan: My worst fear is that this is a let-down game after the Giants. 49ers have shown up recently. I have a bad feeling and I am going to go with the same strategy as I did last week. Sacrificing my own personal record in order to secure an Eagles victory. Pick: 49ers
Ahad: The Eagles will win this one, but it won’t be pretty. Pick: Eagles
Matt: The Eagles were explosive on offense last week, but the Giants are pretty porous against the pass. The 49ers upended Arizona last week, but they are inconsistent, having lost to Seattle the previous week. I just don’t see the 49ers being able to pull this one out. Pick: Eagles

Dolphins @ Titans, Sunday 1pm
Mike: Is Chris Johnson getting better every week? These Dolphins are a secretly solid team. At least a secret to me, I haven’t seen much of them. I’m guessing the Titans only goal was to get back to .500. I’ll give them that. Not sure what I give them after that. Pick: Titans
Evan: I’m on board the fishwagon. Pick: Fins
Ahad: CJ is too much for the Dolphins. Pick: Titans
Matt: These teams are battling for the same wild card spot. Both have been playing pretty well, but the Titans are better. Tony Sparano is 6-0 in December, but I think they will struggle to stop Chris Johnson. Pick: Titans

Bengals @ Chargers, Sunday 4:05pm
Mike: This game turned into a complete wild card. I don’t think the Bengals have it in them this week. The next few weeks I think they can get the ‘Win this for Henry’ mentality. Right now it’s just too soon. Pick: Chargers
Evan: I agree with Janke, I would pick the Bengals against a lot of teams this week, but the Chargers are too good and it’s in San Diego. Pick: Chargers
Ahad: Right now the Chargers are playing like the best team in the league. Pick: Chargers
Matt: The Bengals have had 2 tough road games in a row now. They just don’t do enough on offense to scare anybody. I think they will be able to run the ball and that should be their game plan to keep Rivers and company off the field. It won’t be enough, though. The Chargers keep rolling. Pick: Chargers

Packers @ Steelers, Sunday 4:15pm
Mike: Am I on record not liking the Packers? This one is all up to the Steelers. Have they really given up on the season? They’ve lost five straight, but there are just a whole mess of teams with similar records in the AFC. I’m blindly going with a team going through a championship letdown. Pick: Steelers
Evan: The Steelers have given up. Pick: Packers
Ahad: The Steelers are finished. Pick: Packers
Matt: I don’t think the Steelers are finished or have given up. That wouldn’t sound like them at all. They need this game to have a chance at the playoffs. The Packers are locked into that #5 wild card spot. Should be a tough game between two good defenses. I think the Packers have the better offense, however. The Steelers will be finished after this game. Pick: Packers

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