New things on Ice Cream Helmet

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College Football and NFL Pickem are up and running for the 2011 season.

Home Page – The home page now shows all of your groups and status for the current week. With this, you can see what picks you need to make (including wager points).

Easier Invites – Inviting to a group now lets you select your ICH friends and if you have connected your account to Facebook, you can also select your Facebook friends who have also connected to ICH. The option remains to invite by email.

Group Page Commeting – Trying this out, let me know what you think. Still trying to make it look nice. Only members of the group will be able to comment, but using an external system, so user names not matching could be confusing.

Facebook Profile Pictures – If you have connected with Facebook, you can select to have your Facebook profile picture as your card picture. When you change your Facebook profile picture, it will change on ICH as well with no action on your part.

Leave comments with any additional suggestions. Trying to make things as easy to use as possible. Also looking for any additional sports or games to try out.

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