National Unfriend Day

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Jimmy Kimmel is running the 2nd Annual National Unfriend Day. He started last year and has done a bunch of hilarious bits about it. He features some people who have pointless status updates and they wind up with more friends than before, but that’s more of a result of being shown on tv.

Kimmel makes these pointless updaters out to be the bad guys in the social situation. Yes, they are awful, but it is no fault but your own that you are friends with these people. I posted about Defriendicization 3 years ago pointing out the different type of friends that aren’t worth having.

There is no excuse to have these people around. First, why did you friend them? Even if you don’t want to defriend them, at least hide them. I have a bunch people hidden from my News Feed. Luckily I don’t run into them too often since I will be completely out of touch from stalking them.

Go on with your defriending activities today. But everyday should be ‘Don’t Friend Day’ so you consider these people before you friend them. And don’t be shy with the Hide button.

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