My New Map

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After first moving in, the biggest complaint about my apartment from those that weren’t me was that there was nothing on the walls. Who needs stuff on the walls? What would I put there? Am I going to look at the stuff on the walls?

The only things that I had when I moved in where my panoramic sports pictures: last pitch at the Vet, 1st pitch at CBP, and Beaver Stadium. Along with those I have my vintage PSU pennant. That’s it. I have my diploma in a frame, but I’m not living in a doctor’s office. Perhaps when I have an ‘office’ of some sort in a house, it can go there.

Still, I had my computer desk in the corner and needed something for that area. My thought was for a world map of some sort. I asked for this for Christmas but didn’t get it. My mom had found something at Toys R Us but my sister (who understood what I was looking for) told her it wasn’t right.

I did some research and wound up on National Geographic. They started out cheap, but for something poster-like. I wanted something a little nicer and sturdier. Problem was the maps weren’t usual poster size and the frame would be very expensive. I decided to order a mounted map. Not really knowing what that meant. I was really nervous that I wouldn’t like it when it arrived. The best way to describe the mounted map is that it is printed on a piece of wood. It’s exactly what I wanted and exactly the right size.

Here is how it looks (I realized from this picture how much of my money Apple has) …

Computer Corner

You can get it at the National Geographic Store. I ordered from McMaps.com. It was a lot cheaper and had free shipping. NG would have charged additional shipping because of the size. The box was really large.

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