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Socially-Acceptable Geek Subgenre Scale
A great post on Gizmodo the other day ranking the various geek subgenres. I feel into a few too many of these for comfort. The feeling got worse seeing as, as you go down the list, the subgenres are considered worse.

Sports – Things started off well for me as Sports Geek was #2. I see their point, but I don’t really put Sports into the geek category. I feel like actual geeks find the parallels between how they react to things they love with sports fans to make themselves feel better. Sure, they are similar but geek is something different. Neither is better or worse than the other.

Music and Movies – You might be able to argue me in to these (especially for movies), but I think I’m safe. I feel like a music geek knows all about classic rock, and I know nothing. Ask me who sings a song from the 70s, and to a lesser extent the 80s, more than likely, I will be clueless. Jump back to the 60s and I’m back in the game. For movies, I watch a lot, but I don’t feel too snobby. Except I have odd tastes and I will judge you for your tastes. So I guess I will accept movie geek. With these categories, where is TV geek?

Gamer – While I have Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii, I don’t think I’m much of a hardcore gamer. I go through phases of playing a lot of games. Thanksgiving to Christmas was one of those times. I feel like Gamer geeks play online. WoW or Call of Duty. I have played Call of Duty online, but that got old after a week.

Gadgets – Ut oh. As far as geeking goes, this is me. With CES last week I realized I really need to go to that one time. It would be like my comic-con or one of the big car shows.

Programmer – I was going to defend myself with that programming is my job. Except that I also write a lot of code at home for my web sites.

DIY Computer Geek – I retired my DIY geek in college or shortly after. All through high school and college I built my own computers. In college, I even built some for roommates and my family. Talk about how I obsess over details for gadgets I buy these days. Imagine when I was building computers and keeping up on the details of every new processor, motherboard, video card, etc. Once I bought my first Mac, no more building computer for me. It’s more of a price vs features thing these days with only so many options to choose from.

If I had to order them I guess I’d go Sports, Gadgets, Programmer, Movie, Gamer. I fall in to too many of these categories. Which is a problem with most things in my life. If I only liked one thing I would have plenty of time for that hobby and be able to find a job that let me do that one thing and get paid. Instead I like a ton of things about the same and there isn’t enough time in the day.

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