My Conan Thought

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Everyone has one, why can’t I?

How about Conan goes to Fox at 11? Starting about the time American Idol goes to Hollywood. Musical guests on Conan are people voted off of Idol. Huuuuge ratings right off the bat. That should bring all sorts of new viewers. After Idol you still have the old Conan fans plus some of those Idol fans will get hooked.

Here at 11 on Fox, Seinfeld is on. I’m sure that would be a tragic loss (it probably still gets decent ratings), but if you love Seinfeld that much at this point, you have the DVDs.

I’m not sure how 11 would work otherwise. Time doesn’t matter too much, really. Conan argued that but I imagine that was more because NBC was insulting him. I’d catch it on Hulu like I do The Tonight Show now.

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