MTV Tr3s

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MTV en Espanol is now MTV 3, well actually its MTV Tres, if you really want to get specific its MTV Tr3s. From what I can tell its still Spanish music videos but the commercals and VJs are in English. They have this ad that seems to last 10 minutes where they take Amercian groups and show who you’d like in Spanish. Interesting, if, ya know, I could understand the band they are trying to recommend. Just go all Spanish. I’m not watching either way.

Now, MTV, if you are going to number the Spanish version of your channel, you might as well keep going. Besides the first 3 MTVs I also get MTV Hits and MTV Jams (those channls may actually end with z’s knowing MTV). That sounds a whole lot like MTV 4 and 5 to me. We won’t get into MHD and where that falls into the numbering. Its sort of a hybrid channel for MTV, VH1, and CMT. I think if I tried to number the VH1 channels I’d get a headache.

What they really need to do is just have MTV play music videos all the time. Then have your MTV Rock, Hip-Hop, etc. channels. One channel for each genre that shows videos and I’ll allow concerts and profiles of bands. Then you have a whole separate channel, one that doesn’t even have the word music in the title. Here you can put on all your Real Worlds, Road Rules, Date My Moms, and whatever else you please. MTV has so much of this content they could have two channels of this. I’d be in for older stuff such as Real World seasons, Sand Blast, Idiot Savant, and Remote Control. There is probably tons of gold hidden in the vault that came before my time. My only reservations with these two channels is that I would have to delete them immediately from my TV. As soon as I turned them on, I’d be hooked for the day.

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