Monday Links

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Priority Tracker (iPhone App)
New app by a friend from work. Set your priorities, rate yourself, and set goals to help improve in those areas.

What’s the Deal DC
A site created by one of my classmates in college. Looks like some great deals for the DC area. I’m not in the DC area, but maybe you are.

Fringe in Lansdale
I don’t watch Fringe, couldn’t take it after the first episode. Last week’s show took place in Lansdale. Except not exactly Lansdale, they ruraled things up a bit.

Collection of awesomely entertaining protest signs.

This Clemson fan was really upset about losing to GT.
They announcers made fun of him during commercial, and then on TV.

Basic Instructions: How to Listen to a Coworkers Complaints

Preserving the Bay Bridge. Look at the pictures, how crazy would this be?

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