Looking for a transportation and road construction blog

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I follow blogs for all sorts of things I like: weather, VW, Philly buildings, and even one just about chocolate and peanut butter. I usually just come across these, but this time, I had an interest but couldn’t find a blog: road and transportation construction. I know! Who doesn’t love that and want to read about it??

Over the years, I’ve found lots of good info on different project across the country online. Usually I hear a story and then wind up on the project’s web site. However, I can’t seem to find a site that pulls them all together.

Here project sites I remember coming across that had really good videos detailing the work.
Seattle’s Viaduct Replacement and 520 Bridge Replacement
Bay Bridge

SR 99 tunnel site teeming with cranes
WSDOT even has a flickr page

I don’t live in these cities. Philly’s approach to transportation in the city seems to be, ‘It’s too expensive to do anything, so we’ll just leave it as is.’ The suburbs have problems and they are spending money on study after study, it takes forever and very little gets done. The only movement is with the PA Turnpike. Not a whole lot of creativity there, but it doesn’t really hit the city, so they just have to increase capacity.

I used to follow some blogs focused on SEPTA (Philly’s transportation agency). Most of those stopped because there wasn’t much to talk about. Most of that news related to new train cars and potentially upgrading to a modern day payment system. Not the fault of the blogs that there wasn’t much to cover.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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