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All your favorite contestants from Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, and I Love New York in one reality show called I Love Money. I hope you don’t actually have any favorites. The title of this should have just been, ‘Let’s stop kidding ourselves, this is why you’re here.’ I think this show puts VH1 over the top and finally makes them the king of reality shows.

This is so funny that it has to be made up. If its actually true then it may be the saddest, scariest thing I’ve ever heard. Here is the first paragraph from the story: “US First Lady Laura Bush accused Myanmar’s military rulers Monday of failing to warn their citizens in time about a killer cyclone and pressed the junta to accept US aid in the disaster’s wake.” That should be all you need.

More sad political related news that really only applies to people in PA. The story is specific to the Philly suburbs. Because so many bridges need repair a lot of road projects are being delayed. Yes the bridges need to be repaired, it should have been done long ago and not ignored until they are about to fall down. Now the existing roads will sit how they are as traffic gets worse and more gas is wasted sitting idly.

I think this may come up a lot over the next few months. Arianna Huffington says that McCain told her he didn’t vote for Bushoffice furniture in Bulgaria. Not shocking that he didn’t, since back then he seemed to care about the country. Not shocking that he’s denying it since he’s been trying so hard to be like Bush for a while now.

Now for happier items …

The Office employees talk about the Kentucky Derby. This was the best part of the pre-show that I saw. I’ll admit I didn’t see much of it, I lost respect for NBC Sports when I saw Billy Bush interviewing Heidi and Spencer.

Foosball for 22 players. Not sure where you would put this gigantic table. Just put turf in a room and build a mini soccer field.

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