Links for May 20

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I collected these over the past few weeks. I’ve been busy and traveling. I hope these are still relevant.

From the Dilbert Blog, a man was forced to give up his seat and sit in the bathroom.

Horse tramples car. I have no idea how the horse got onto this car and then how did it get out?

GUTS is sort of coming back. It will be a family version on during Nick at Nite. I wonder if Moe is available?

My current favorite Carolla segment is Made Up Movies where callers give the title and the hosts develop the plot of a movie.

Police Log: Someone set a port-a-potty on fire.

NCAA Football 09 is coming. I’m excited.

50 Most Memorable Movie Cars

10 Worst Entry-Level Tech Jobs

Awful Announcing is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites. Here are a few posts I enjoyed in the past weeks …
Apparently you just have to fill out a form to be eligible for the NBA Draft. Then you even get added to the watch lists.

Charles Barkley reads everything he sees on the prompter.

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