Links for May 1

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I saw Joel McHale last week. Bo Burnham opened for him. I thought he was very good. He sings lots of odd songs and is only 17.

I was browsing the iTunes Podcast Directory looking for some new ones to listen to. I wound up adding a bunch of NPR podcasts. Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! is the best of the bunch. Its weekly, on Saturdays, look at news items from the past week with a sense of humor.

New David Sedaris in The New Yorker. Not my favorite, its all about smoking. Still, its David Sedaris, so its worth reading.

A touching story of a balding penguin.

Photoshopping what each candidate would look like in 4 years.

Police Log from The Daily Collegian.
Always one of my favorite parts of the paper, this one doesn’t disappoint.

One of my softball teammates’ man cave was featured on a PSU blog this week.

Some Lists …
Philly is #1 place to live for new grads.

Pittsburgh gets a #1, but for sootiest. Here is the full list.

Top 50 comedy sketches. #50 is cowbell. So either the list is terrible or there are about 40 hilarious sketches I’ve never seen.

Top 50 TV Shows of All Time – See how far you get until you have to stop because you realize the list is worthless. I got to #49. Then I flipped to #48 and they redeemed themselves.

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