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Last week’s posting didn’t go as planned, so here is a whole load of links.

Odd News Items …

God accused of selling cocaine near Tampa church

Couple Launched 18-Month Egging Spree – This happened in my area, not exactly sure where it all took place.

British teen finds it pays to swear on exam

Little old ladies or criminal masterminds? Both!

More pop culture type news items …

The Muppets take the Smithsonian

Ken Burns new doc series for PBS – This time, its National Parks.


Living stars who you may think are dead – MSNBC must have been really bored. This is a really terrible thing to publish. I either didn’t know the person or knew that they were still alive.

The 10 oddest travel guides ever published.

Funny …

The O’Brien vs. Stewart vs. Colbert three-show throwdown – I realize these are very old. The link slipped through the cracks.

If Your Last Girlfriend Had an IMDb Page

The A-Team Van Rides to Montreal!

First, Circuit City Demands All Copies of Mad Magazine with Ad Parody Destroyed. Then, Circuit City Apologizes for Pulling Mad Magazine, Promises to Get a Sense of Humor.

Chinese restaurant called TRANSLATE SERVER ERROR

Colbert: Canton, KS Not Such a Shithole After All

Interesting/informative things that didn’t fit elsewhere …

Should you recycle an ex? After all, he’s already on the curb

Can’t sleep? Blame all those glowing gadgets

Wake n’ Bacon is most delicious alarm clock ever

Are Revolving Doors More Energy Efficient?

Governor’s Information for each state – Randomly came across this. All sorts of facts about the requirements and rules for the Governors of each state.

Free Coinstar – Apparently I was the only person who wasn’t aware of this. I always thought Coinstar was expenseive. However, there is no charge if you turn it into a gift card. They have places like Amazon and Circuit City. My bank is closer and has a coin machine in the lobby, but still good to know about this.

This week from NPR …

This American Life 361: Fear of Sleep – The first story this week was by Mike Birbiglia about his problems with sleep walking.

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