Links – 2/7/08

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Stephen Colbert and Conan O’Brien have been having a little disagreement. Jon Stewart got involved and they all appeared on each other’s shows with a brawl occurring during Conan’s show. If you missed any of it, here are all the clips.

Biker gang violence in Philly. Why hasn’t HBO made a show about rival biker gangs?

This group had over 200 people freeze in place in Grand Central Station freeze in place in Grand Central Station for a few minutes. The other people were a little confused.

I saw this on The Dilbert Blog. Are these necessary? It claims they create a more relaxed soothing atmosphere.

An interesting alarm clock. It can make all sorts of noise or turn on lights.

Google News added a new local section. Just put in your zip code. Found some interesting stuff. Then I heard about this site, Topix, which has been doing the same sort of thing for a while. I’ll try them both out for a little while and see what happens.

The Aqua Teen Hunger Force with John Kruk. I haven’t watched it yet, but its an episode of ATHF, not the movie, so it should be good.

Sports Guy has had lots of Norm links recently, here are 2 more.
Norm MacDonald on Dennis Miller Live
Norm stories on Stern

Interesting article on Leno and Late Night.

There is a Canal Museum in Easton, PA? It doesn’t reopen until May, but it sounds like it could hold my attention for a little while.

Donyell Marshall had been hurt for a few months. He went to come into his first game and he didn’t have a jersey on.
From last year, a look at some of the technology behind the Super Bowl broadcast.
Nice work Pirates
, apparently #1 is retired because someone screwed up.

Science-ish Links
Phil’s predictions have been less correct recently, this is a sign of global warming this is a sign of global warming.
Time may not exist?
This one gets a little sciencey.
Mind reading

Basic Instructions
I was behind on these, here are some of the better ones from the last few weeks.
How to Listen to Other People Talk About Their Vacation
How to Decide Which Star Wars Character You Are Most Like
How to Get the Most Entertainment for Your Video Gaming Dollar
How to Deal With Someone Who Doesn’t Like You

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