Least Favorite Phrases of the Week

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I thought I had a clear winner for the week but no, there’s a whole mess of people not making sense this week.

Now is not the time
This one has come up a lot this week because of the Aurora shooting. People are all over saying that now is not the time to discuss gun rights. Now is the time to think of the victims. I remember the exact same statement being made right after the shooting at the Gabby Giffords event. When was the time? Never. We move on to the next story there is no reflection.

You can pull ‘Now is not the time’ out if you have been directly involved in something. Otherwise, you are just stalling until everyone forgets, because if it were the time, you have no defense for whatever stance it is you are protecting.

Moving Forward
This was the leader all week. In relation to my school and their questionable decisions (taking down the statue and rolling over in the face of punishment) and the questionable decisions of the NCAA. My inbox and feeds are flooded with people connected to the university talking about moving forward. Wait. Move forward? We’re not done with where we’re at. We still have no idea what happened relating to the school, the police, and the government. The school commissioned a report that was very vague on details and limited in scope. The NCAA made it obvious they didn’t even consider the facts by picking 1998 as the point where we started cheating at football. And not a single person has asked about anything outside of the university. Based on the logic I’m seeing from the punishments, Centre County and Pennsylvania should have much higher fines coming their way.

I just don’t understand the ‘Moving Forward’ sentiments. The school seems so anxious to move forward they don’t care if our legs are broken. Even if we’re crawling forward they think the way we’ve been portrayed will be different in the days ahead.

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