Last Comic Standing – Season 7?!?

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During the premiere, Craig Robinson said something about someone having to wait until Season 8. I had to stop and think, have there really been 6 seasons already? I guess it’s possible, but still seems crazy. I actually wrote about it around this time for Season 4.

I’m not a huge reality show watcher. At least that’s what I tell people, to seem like less of a loser. Sort of like people who say, ‘Oh, I don’t have a TV.’ Those people think they are cool by not having a TV. I hate those people. But it’s similar. Off the top of my head I only watch Real World and Celebrity Rehab. I think that’s it, but I will not be surprised to be proven wrong. When the summer comes along, I’m on board for LCS.

Season 1 will always be my favorite. They all had to live in a house and you got to see how horrible comedians are to live with. I loved every second they spent in that house. They were hilarious and fought with each other constantly. The only problem with Season 1 was that the winner wasn’t funny.

I didn’t have a ton of hope for Season 7. Craig Robinson is the new host. While I love him on The Office, he has never struck me as an outstanding stand-up. Although, Bill Bellamy hosted for two seasons, so I can overlook the host.

The premiere was outstanding and it was obvious why: the judges. I’ve complained in the past about the judges they’ve picked. For the 4th season, it was the bookers for The Tonight Show, who were, no surprise, terrible. They’ve gone with comics in the past, sometimes with different ones in each city (I hope they don’t change for next week), but no group ever clicked like this one.

The judges are Andy Kindler, Natasha Leggero, and Greg Giraldo. Just Giraldo and I was in. I’ve seen Kindler a lot on Letterman. I’d only ever heard Leggero on Doug Benson’s podcast (I didn’t find a site for the podcast, so I’ll link to his MySpace). All three were equally excellent as judges. Why? Because I always agreed with them. Even when they’d laugh hysterically at something really stupid, I was right there with them. I had to agree with those that were just stupid funny, weren’t worthy of moving on. I was really hooked when at the performance, when there is a crowd, some of the jokes left the audience silent. Yet at the judges table, they were cracking up. It helps that they have the judges mic’d during those performances. I know immediately that Natasha Leggero agrees with me.

As for Craig Robinson, I’m curious to see him perform when they get to the competition part. He is so quiet. The people trying out with a lot of energy were just running all around him in his interviews after their auditions.

I won’t be waiting 6 days to watch episode 2, like I did the premiere.

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