International Travel Destinations

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I have yet to travel outside the country. I’ve had my passport for a few years, just in case the chance came where I might go to Canada. It’s not a pressing issue, as there are plenty of places inside the country that I have yet to visit. Still, with the Olympics I am reminded of all the places I want to go.

1. Egypt – I’m a sucker for history, museums, and shiny things. Egypt gives me all of these in one place. I’ve also never ridden a camel.
2. Rome – See Egypt. For some reason Egypt just beats out Rome.
3. Scotland/Ireland – Maybe a surprise choice considering the first two things I thought of to do are golf and drink. I’d be curious to find some relatives. Oh, and castles!
4. Australia/New Zealand – Have you seen it? It just looks amazing. Kangaroos, reefs, and if I’m ever going to see an opera, shouldn’t I go to the Sydney Opera House?
5. Antarctica – Cooold. I can’t get enough of the cold, so I might as well really put that to the test. I’m not sure there is much going on down there but there must be something good.

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