Inter-Dis Material

Inter-Dis Material – February 2010

Inter-Dis Material 2 Comments

Audio: mp3
Running Time: 51:51
Hosts: Evan and Mike

Olympic Recap
Evan Welcomes Canadian Couch Surfers
Listener Mail – Mike’s friend who has never met Evan, has comment about Evan
Evan’s Parents Join Church Band – Bandmates are from a former One Hit Wonders
Evan travels to Austin and may have made a dream come true
Start to plan this summer’s stadiums
Mike & Mike are writing a book of rules for sports and life.

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Update: Evan found that US Bobsledder Steve Mesler is a UF Grad, which was the reason for the Gator flag we saw on TV. Oddly, the link Evan sent me about this only mentions this in the headline. I saw no mention of Mesler or UF in the article.

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