Inter-Dis Material

Inter-Dis Material 8

Inter-Dis Material

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Running Time: 46:01

Mike goes to Penn State
Tailgate Flags
People who recognize you that you don’t know and have no idea why they felt the need to talk to you.
Extended Family Relationship Terms
-What do you call your brother-in-laws brother or cousin’s cousin?
Sonic Commercials
Small Children in Public Restrooms
MLB Playoffs
College Football
-Last Week’s Picks
-Miami/FIU Fight
-This Week’s Picks
-NCAA Top 5
Vegas Odds for 08 President
Pegasus Wind – 3rd at Champagne Stakes

NCAA Top 5
Mike: 1. Michigan 2. Ohio State 3. West Virginia 4. USC 5. Louisville
Evan: 1. Ohio State 2. Michigan 3. USC 4. Auburn 5. Tennessee

College Football Picks – Week 8
Texas (ME) @ Nebraska, Sat 12:00pm
UCLA @ Notre Dame (ME), Sat 2:30pm
Iowa @ Michigan (ME), Sat 3:30pm
Rutgers (E) @ Pittsburgh (M), Sat 5:45pm
Georgia Tech (M) @ Clemson (E), Sat 7:45pm

Season Records (Last Week)
Mike: 24-11 (3-2)
Evan: 19-16 (1-4)

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