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Audio: mp3
Running Time: 40:29
Hosts: Evan and Mike

Amazing first weekend of the college football season. We discuss the new division naming and Evan’s interesting trip to the UF game, including his amazing basketball skills. Week 2 of our picks for the upcoming weekend plus our Heisman and Conference picks.

1AA vs. Championship Subdivision
Evan went to UF/Western Kentucky game
No-Hitter overshadowed
Evan’s Epic Bar Basketball Run
Cops question Evan about stolen apartment flags
College Football
-Picks – Week 2
-Heisman Top 3
-BCS Conference Champions
Evan starts school on Tuesday
Mike headed to Penn State-Notre Dame game

Evan: 2-3, Mike 2-3
Miami (FL) @ Oklahoma (EM) (Saturday, 12:00)
Alabama (EM) @ Vanderbilt (Saturday, 12:30)
Oregon @ Michigan (EM) (Saturday, 3:30)
TCU (E) @ Texas (M) (Saturday, 7:00)
Vriginia Tech (M) @ LSU (E) (Saturday, 9:15)

Evan: 1. Booty 2. Rice 3. McFadden
Mike: 1. McFadden 2. Brennan 3. Slaton

ACC: Florida St (E), Virginia Tech (M)
Big 12: Oklahoma (E) Texas (M)
Big East: Louisville (E) West Virginia (M)
Big Ten: Penn State (E M)
Pac 10: USC (EM)
SEC: Florida (EM)

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