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Inter-Dis Material 28

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Audio: mp3
Running Time: 30:23
Hosts: Evan and Mike

Evan and Mike took a look back at what we watched this TV season, compared to what we expected to watch at the beginning of the season. Evan had a turbulent week relating to the Gators and the Billy Donovan situation. The Ducks won the Stanley Cup and unlike everyone else, Mike has no problem with that. The French Open finished up which means a trophy presentation that Mike really enjoys for some reason. Evan tries to make tennis more popular with a reality show (didn’t he suggest that for horse racing too?).

Evan is without AC.
Look back at the TV season.
Billy Donovan saga.
What’s the problem with having a Stanley Cup Champion from a warm weather city?
Grand Slam Tennis trophy presentation, other good trophy presentations in sports.
A reality show featuring tennis players would make the sport more popular.

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