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Audio: mp3
Running Time: 25:56
Hosts: Evan and Mike

Going to the doctor and having a Med Student examine you
College Basketball

College Basketball Picks – Week 8 (Conference Tournament)
ACC: Maryland (E) North Carolina (M)
Big 10: Wisconsin (E) Ohio State (M)
Big 12: Texas A&M (E) Kansas (M)
Big East: Georgetown (E) Marquette (M)
Pac 10: UCLA (E) Washington State (M)
SEC: Florida (E) Tennessee (M)

Final Records (Last Week)
Evan: 13-14 (2-3)
Mike: 13-14 (2-3)

College Basketball Top Seed Predictions – Week 9 (2 Points)
Evan: Florida, Kansas, Ohio State, UCLA
Mike: Florida, North Carolina, Texas A&M, UCLA

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