Inter-Dis Material

Inter-Dis Material 19

Inter-Dis Material

Audio: m4a mp3
Running Time: 1:21:13
Hosts: Evan and Mike
Guest: Alanna

Pay It Backwards
Why Alanna Went to UF
Surface Nice
Does Evan need another SI subscription?
Dating fan of a team you hate
The Gator Religion
Alanna’s trip to South America
Video Games
Mixed Blessings – Jews marrying Catholics
Evan’s Big News
Evan’s Baseball Hall of Fame Selections
College Basketball

College Basketball Picks – Week 1
Tuesday: Connecticut (M) at Pittsburgh (E)
Wednesday: North Carolina (EM) at Clemson
Saturday: Arizona at UCLA (EM)
Washington (M) at Washington State (E)
Oklahoma State at Texas A&M (EM)

College Basketball Final Four
– Week 2
Evan: Florida, Kansas, North Carolina, Wisconsin
Mike: Florida, Kansas, UCLA, Wisconsin

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