ICH: Football Win Prediction

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Just like for College Football, Football Win Prediction has launched on Ice Cream Helmet. It’s pretty similar to College, so I’ll cover it quickly.

  • Predict win totals for every team. Since the NFL has a consistent schedule, you should allocate all 256 possible wins across the 32 teams. Sorry, that means no predicting ties.Ice Cream Helmet  Football  Win Prediction
  • Predict the Conference Champions and Super Bowl winner.

Scoring (lower is better)
1pt – Each predicted win off of actual total for each team.
-2pts – Each correctly predicted team Win Total.
-5pts – Each correctly predicted Conference Champion.
-10pts – Predicting the correct Super Bowl Champion.

Make your predictions by September 5th at 8:30pm ET. That’s when the season kicks off in New York with the Cowboys visiting the Giants.

You can also create groups to invite your friends to compare your results. You only have to make one set of predictions. Those will be used for scoring in all groups.

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