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New game on Ice Cream Helmet this season: College Football Win Prediction. You have from now until kickoff of the first game of the season to register your predictions. I tried to make it relatively simple, so you aren’t making predictions for all 120+ schools. Here are the quick details:

  • Predict regular season win totals for schools in the Six Major Conferences + Independents: BYU & Notre Dame. (Championship game wins are included in the regular season win total, bowl wins are not.)
  • Predict the Conference Champion in the Six Major Conferences. (Goes by Championship game if league has one, otherwise, goes by standings.)
  • Predict the BCS Champion.

(lower is better)
1pt – Each predicted win off of actual total for each school.
-2pts – Each correctly predicted school Win Total.
-5pts – Each correctly predicted Conference Champion.
-10pts – Predicting the correct BSS Champion.

Looks like this: (I used the Big East here since they are running out of teams, so it takes up the least amount of space.)
Ice Cream Helmet  College Football  Win Prediction Big East

Make your predictions by August 30th at 7:00pm ET. That’s the current first kickoff of the season. Not every kick for the games on Thursday have been set, but it’s doubtful to be before 7pm.

Check back during the season for updates on where you stand. Scoring will be interesting during the season as different people peak as schools hit their predictions then dip when those win totals are passed.

You can create groups to easily compare with your competitors, but you don’t need to join a group to play. You only have to make picks once, they will be the same across every group you join.

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