ICH College Football Picks – Week 12

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I’m away this week, so just our picks.

Connecticut @ Notre Dame, Saturday 2:30pm
Matt: I expect this game to be high scoring with little defense. Could this be Charlie’s last home game? Connecticut can’t seem to get over the hump. They play a lot of close games against the tougher competition but can’t seem to end up on the winning side. Again, they keep this one close but fall short again. Pick: Notre Dame
Mike: It’s like Matt and I are roommates again. Thinking the same things. I can’t say I’ve been surprised by the ND reaction, but out of their final 3 games of the season it was pretty clear that this was the only one they should expect to win, but that it would be close. Connecticut just can quite get there, but their game against Cincy last week should have every ND fan very concerned. Here’s my question. Do the fans want to lose this game to guarantee the end of Weis? And, what about the players? Do they like Weis? I think they must. I even have a small sense that ND could come out quick and get ahead. Pick: Notre Dame
Ahad: I think the players like Weis. It doesn’t appear that the team has quit, which happens when a team gives up on a coach. I agree with Matt in that this game will not feature a lot of defense. The AD claims to have not decided the fate of Weis yet and if that is true, Weis will look to pull out all the stops. Pick: ND
Evan: ND

LSU @ Mississippi, Saturday 3:30pm
Matt: LSU had a tough go of it last week versus Louisiana Tech while Mississippi had a big win against Tennessee. I don’t have a strong feeling either way, but I think with Ole Miss playing better and being at home, they win it here. Pick: Ole Miss
Mike: Ole Miss has come up short every time I thought they were about to turn it on. I was shocked to see that in the mighty SEC, this is only the 2nd ranked team Ole Miss will be playing. LSU has done what they’ve needed to this year. How much can you fault them for both their losses being to the top 2 teams in the country? They haven’t played anyone else, but details … Pick: LSU
Ahad: LSU keeps beating the teams they are supposed to beat. The streak continues. Pick: LSU
Evan: Right now Ole Miss is the second best team in Mississippi, a far fall from being number 4 in the country. Pick: LSU

Purdue @ Indiana, Saturday 3:30pm
Matt: This one ought to be a shootout. With bowl games out of the picture for these two, they are not only just playing out the schedule and for some pride, but for the Old Oaken Bucket. Purdue has dominated this matchup of late. I would like to see Indiana win one, because they have been playing everyone tough but not able to win. Last team with the ball wins. I am going with the home team. Pick: Indiana
Mike: Does any coach get more air time than Bill Lynch? It’s all well deserved. He cares about EVERY call on the field. And he’s been screwed by quite a few. In the Indiana/PSU game I didn’t know what was going to happen. The refs weren’t sure who to give their favoritism to. You could tell they were lost out there. I too would like to see Indiana win but I think Purdue has had a good year. If college football had an NIT for teams that didn’t make bowls, I think Purdue might be my pick to win it all. Pick: Purdue
Ahad: Both teams are playing for pride at this point and I am going with my gut. Pick: Purdue
Evan: Battle of the Hoosier state! I hate Purdue. Pick: Indiana

Arizona State @ UCLA, Saturday 4pm
Matt: I haven’t really followed either of these teams this year. I just know that they haven’t been very good. I have always had an affinity for UCLA, and they are favored and at home, so I will go with them. Pick: UCLA
Mike: What happened to UCLA being back? The most news I’ve heard from them in the past few years is what uniforms they were going to wear in the USC game. Arizona St has lost 4 straight playing the toughest of the Pac 10 (well, 4 of the 5). This is a toss-up to me but I am leaning heavily. Pick: Arizona State
Ahad: Both teams have had disappointing seasons; I am going with the home team in this one. Pick: UCLA
Evan: UCLA

Oregon @ Arizona, Saturday 8pm
Matt: The oddsmakers have this one being close, so I am little nervous about picking Oregon, especially because their defense can give up some points. They just need to win out to secure the Pac 10 Championship. If Arizona can keep it low scoring, I like their chances. I just don’t see them doing it. Pick: Oregon
Mike: Ducks, Ducks, Ducks. Little known fact, cause I think I just made it up. The Arizona schools are right behind the Oregon schools for my Pac 10 favoritism (see: me picking Arizona St, who I like more than Arizona, probably because of their colors). Arizona had a backloaded schedule so they have climbed in the rankings and are an attractive pick. Of course, I get every Oregon pick wrong. Pick: Oregon
Ahad: Oregon picks worry me, but I don’t think Mike Stoops’ boys will get it done. The Oregon offense is just too much for them. Pick: Oregon
Evan: Ducks!

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