ICH College Football Final Standings

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There is only one regular season game left, but neither Army or Navy is in the Top 25, so for purposes of ICH Picks, the season is over. Here are the final standings. These are correct picks of Top 25 games against the spread this season. For the season, that totaled 260 games.

2009 ICH Regular Season

Rank Name Score
1 evan05 142
2 mattorix 139
3 Ramji 130
4 Justin Franks 125
5 Mike 122
6 Ahad 121
7 Gregg 108
8 beast235 87
9 hiphopopotamus 33
10 gamefaqsaggie 7

I finished 5th, 20 games behind Evan. That’s a pretty big gap when you think about it. I was behind from early in the season. In my group I did very well with wager points early on that had me near the top of the group.

Stay tuned, bowl picks should be coming this week.

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