ICH: Baseball Series Picks – Week 13

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Lots of weekend series getting underway tonight, so moving this to a Thursday post. You can still make your picks.

Stay Away Series: Astros/Cubs and Padres/Rockies. Both evenly matched not so good teams.

Interesting Series (to me): Phillies/Marlins (for last place in NL East), Nationals/Braves (top of NL East), Tigers/Rays (underperforming and stuck in the middle of their divisions).

Division Leader Matchups: White Sox/Yankees and Reds/Giants.

ESPN Sunday Night: Mets/Dodgers. Mets were on last week. There are a bunch of other more interesting matchups this weekend.

Series of the Weekend: Reds/Giants. I was going with either of the division leader series, this one edged it out with the Giants currently tied for the division lead and the Reds with only a 2-game lead over the Pirates (not counting that they already won today) and Cardinals.

Ice Cream Helmet Baseball Series Picks
Pick Distribution – Week 13
Away Team Home Team First Game of Series
Indians 0% 100% Orioles Thu Jun 28
White Sox 0% 100% Yankees Thu Jun 28
Red Sox 100% 0% Mariners Thu Jun 28
Tigers 100% 0% Rays Thu Jun 28
Athletics 0% 100% Rangers Thu Jun 28
Angels 100% 0% Blue Jays Thu Jun 28
Mets 0% 100% Dodgers Thu Jun 28
Reds 0% 100% Giants Thu Jun 28
Royals 100% 0% Twins Fri Jun 29
Nationals 0% 100% Braves Fri Jun 29
Astros Cubs Fri Jun 29
Padres Rockies Fri Jun 29
Phillies 0% 100% Marlins Fri Jun 29
Diamondbacks 50% 50% Brewers Fri Jun 29
Pirates 0% 100% Cardinals Fri Jun 29

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