Ice Cream Helmet College Football Picks – Week 1 – Thursday

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Going to try and tie in Ice Cream Helmet to see which picks are more popular against the spread. I’ll try and do it for Thursday and Saturday games.

I’m surprised by the Oregon love. I really expected Boise State to get a majority of the picks. I’m not up on the Battle of Utah. Actually, it’s a rivalry game, the Battle of the Brothers. It dates back to 1892 and Utah leads the series 76-28 with 4 ties. Looking that up I also found that the top team in Utah is given the Beehive Boot. The schools included are Utah, Utah State, BYU, and Weber State. Although it looks like most years Weber State doesn’t play the other schools.

Thursday, September 3, 2009
Away Team Pick % Spread Pick % Home Team
Utah State 20% 21.5 80% #19 Utah
#16 Oregon 80% 5.5 20% #14 Boise State

Make your picks!

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