Ice Cream Helmet Baseball Picks 2009

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Baseball Pickem is all set to go. Some changes for this year. Picking every series was a bit overwhelming. Instead I am going to come up with 10 series to pick each week. If you create a custom group, you can adjust that number. Also for custom groups you can select to use wager points as in all the other pickem games. Get over there and make your picks!

Here are the 10 top rated series for the first week:

Top 10 Rated Series for Week 1
Indians @ Rangers Mon Apr 6
Twins @ White Sox Fri Apr 10
Giants @ Padres Fri Apr 10
Cubs @ Brewers Fri Apr 10
Mets @ Marlins Fri Apr 10
Dodgers @ Diamondbacks Fri Apr 10
Red Sox @ Angels Fri Apr 10
Rangers @ Tigers Fri Apr 10
Blue Jays @ Indians Fri Apr 10
Astros @ Cardinals Fri Apr 10

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