I want announcers that watch football games

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I’m always disgusted with announcers and football coverage in general. I could go on for hours about on screen graphics, sounds, and ads. The recent trend that has been driving me especially crazy is announcers that appear to only watch SportsCenter and listen to hype than actually watch the games.

Remember Romo-mania? You might recall when he was apparently the best QB in the NFL a few weeks ago. He even made the Pro Bowl! I thought that was ridiculous at the time, now think about it. I had the these thoughts after the Christmas game against the Eagles. Then the playoff game happened. Even without that dropped snap he’s in the same position. He played a terrible game and they were only that close because the Seahawks are just as terrible. One note about the dropped snap: Doesn’t anyone else remember the Eagles dropped snap on a field goal attempt against the Cowboys on Monday Night Football in 1997? It would have won the game for the Eagles.

Undefeated Boise St. in the Fiesta Bowl: The announcers sounded shocked that Boise St. was in that game, not to mention that they were winning. Did they not know that this was an undefeated team? Maybe being undefeated in the WAC doesn’t make you #1, but going undefeated anywhere is not easy to do. Did they see Ian Johnson run all over Oregon St. early in the season? Did they not know that Oklahoma won a very weak Big 12?

The BCS Championship, actually Ohio State all year long, especially Troy Smith. They gave Smith the Heisman halfway through the season, even when he was playing mediocre football against weak opponents. Then leading up to the BCS Championship the focus was all on Smith. I said the game would come down to Pittman. During the year whenever OSU was in a tight game it was their running game that got things back on track. The only talk I heard was a little about Wells, who had the big run against Michigan. If you were going to say someone stood out on offense for OSU during the BCS Championship, it would be Pittman. He had a TD and ran the ball well, but they got down and started passing the rest of the game. Well, passing would require the ball to be thrown.

Reggie Bush. Yes, he’s a good player. You might be shocked to know this, he is the second string running back on the Saints. Who was I most concerned about going into the Eagles-Saints game? Deuce Macallister. He ran all over the Eagles D. Bush had some nice runs, but they were on what were dead plays where he just ran the other direction. He also had 2 fumbles (plus one he nearly dropped), one of which could have cost them the game.

I just ask that the announcers care a little more about the game than the hype. Its not really that hard. I watch a lot of college football and pay a good bit of attention to the NFL and I can keep on top of these things. The announcers should be better, they’re getting paid to know these things.

Don’t get me started on knowing the players names!

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