I [might] want: DrawTop

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What’s DrawTop? It’s a whiteboard for your laptop. It just looks to be a sticker you put on the top of your laptop, but that sticker is a whiteboard. What else do you use that area of your laptop for? Besides the glow-y Apple?

It’s not even all that expensive. $12 for laptop, $10 for iPad, and $5 for your smartphone.

Flipping through the images, one of my favorite ideas is writing your name on it. That would sure save a lot of issues with nametags falling down during class (or just forgetting them).

My biggest concern is that I’ve never seen a whiteboard stay white for more than two erasures. I don’t think I’ll be going for this, but I hope I see it around. I’m going to hold out for a real whiteboard of my own for next to my desk at home. I know, big dreams.

Saw on Gizmodo.

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