I Know Her: Megan interviewed by Newsweek

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A few weeks ago Megan told me she was going to be interviewed by Newsweek for a story about the life coach she’s been working with. After some delay resulting from some more newsworthy world events (more newsworthy than this?), it’s finally up. Here is the piece:

That’s Megan, seems like she’s been interviewed on camera for years. She seemed so comfortable. There must be outtakes.

My first reactions …
– I want to go to a life coach. Megan and I have been talking about this stuff and we have similar goals, we just are starting from completely opposite points.
– I wanted to be a life coach. Like the life coach said in the piece, you need some sort of training, lots of people think they’d be good at it. I’d be great and listening to people and suggesting ideas. I’d imagine the training is the part where you learn to get results.
– I have a video camera. I like to ask questions. Why not go out and interview people and put them on YouTube?

Megan’s post about this.

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