I Hate Decorative Holiday Towels

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Its that time of year, the decorative holiday towels have been un-boxed and a series of them will be rotating through the kitchen and bathrooms here at home. Out of all the decorations that come throughout the year these easily reach the Top 3 along with bells attached to doors and anything that plays music when motion is detected.

It starts around here with Halloween. You have your towels with ghosts, monsters, pumpkins, all sorts of spooky things. Then it moves right on to Thanksgiving: Turkeys, Pilgrims, perhaps some corn or falling leaves. Then things just get out of hand with Christmas. Santa and his reindeer, Frosty and his frozen friends, snow, snow, and more snow.

I understand the idea of going all out in decorating for the holidays. I was conditioned from birth that for the holidays the house is to be transformed into something completely unrecognizable from what you are used to. I would accept the towels as part of this package but something goes very wrong. These towels are a quarter the size of the normal hand/dish towels. Not only that, the decoration is some sort of plastic that takes up the majority of surface area. Making the towels unable to perform their natural duty: to dry things, such as my hands.

There are some simple solutions that would please me. The easy way is just to have colored towels with nothing on them. That would be plenty festive. If you must have your plastic pictures on there then please, make the towels a little bigger so that its not costing me any drying space.

I’ve never heard anyone else complain about these but I think everyone has secretly been cursing these things and not telling anyone because the idea is preposterous. Who would be upset with such adorable little towels?

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