I don’t like August 31st, let’s change the calendar

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I always think August is a 30 day month, so it’s always a bit of a surprise when August 31st rolls around. It leads to a lot of confusion when trying to figure out what day of the week things in early September fall. Even when August 31st gets here, the date just doesn’t seem right. There could be better uses than a 31st day in August. I have a though.

My proposal:
February 29th stays. It’s a pretty cool date, I think we should have it every year rather than every 4 years.
What month gets the leap day? February 30th would just make February like all the others. So let’s go crazy. Pick one of the months with 31 days and give it a 32nd. But which? January doesn’t need to be any longer. New Years Eve on December 32nd wouldn’t work. That leaves March, July, and October. You know what, I feel the same way about March 31st as I do August 31st. But peeling that one off too makes things complicated.

July 32nd or October 32nd? Easy. October 32nd would screw with Halloween. July 32nd means an extra day of summer every 4 years. (shh that I just eliminated one in August). Solved.

Final changes:

  • No more August 31st.
  • February 29th every year.
  • Leap day is now July 32nd.

I’ll give you until 2015 in case you’ve already got your calendars.

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