I could use a little break, but today was a good day

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The Something Corporate Greatest Hits album is out today. I’m not usually a fan of Greatest Hits, I think there needs to be a minimum number of releases. I think they’ve had 3 full lengths and an EP. At least, that’s what I have. If you include Jack’s Mannequin, they you have enough.

Not saying I don’t still love SoCo. I didn’t go through and make my own Greatest Hits like I did for Blink and Fall Out Boy. You can’t even ask me to pick a favorite. Ok, maybe you can, and it would obviously be Konstantine. But after that, it’s a log jam of songs. I have to pick a song to post, and Konstantine will fill your day (and if you know me, has likely filled a few). I’m going with Watch the Sky because it might be my next favorite, and it’s not the most common. I’m not even sure it was released before this album. (Looked it up, it was a British bonus on North).

Something Corporate – Watch the Sky

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