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Graduated University of Florida 2005, liked it so much went ahead and graduated again in 2006. Teaching 7th graders American History and coaching the hell out of Middle School Girl’s basketball. Currently in the Fort Myers, FL area.

I Believe they call it, Menage a Football

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Down in Fort Myers we had 3 football teams tied for first in the division. I was wondering how they would sort this out. It turns out two teams played for 1 quarter last night, and the winner of that quarter played the third team for another quarter. Can you imagine if they did this in college football? Is this better than going to the 5th tiebreaker of points scored/points against, etc…? It is technically being played on the field, but only for a quarter. I haven’t made up my mind about this. I know that Mike could solve this problem write now with his triangular football field idea.

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  • Mike

    I don’t see how you could in any way think this is a valid tiebreaker.

    1) From what I gather Team A plays Team B, the winner plays Team C who has just been sitting there waiting. Huge advantage for Team C.

    2) What if Team C wins? This doesn’t prove to me that they are better than the loser of Team A vs. Team B.

    3) 1 Quarter? Have you seen a football game before? Especially college or younger. Some teams just come out fast but then get destroyed in the 2nd Half because they don’t have the endurance.

    I will wait on breaking out the full disclosure of the triangular football field. It was just a thought I had a few years ago that was never fully developed. I took some time today and came up with some variations and diagrams. It needs more work before it can be released to the public … and change the world as we know it.