Houston Calls

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Do you ever get the feeling your iPod really likes one band on a particular day? If I listen long enough it happens almost every time. Usually it’s something I have a ton of on in my library. MxPx, Blink, or Fall Out Boy are the most common. Today it was Houston Calls. I’m pretty sure I only have 1 Houston Calls album, so it was really shocking to me. I bet most of you haven’t even heard anything from them. So allow me to share. The only music video on their site is for Exit Emergency.

Bob & Bonnie is probably my favorite song of theirs and I found a YouTube video of that. Not sure why this one isn’t on their site. There really needs to be a music site like IMDB for discographies, music videos, and whatever else you can think of.

If you like Houston Calls, how is their newer album, The End of an Error? It’s on my long list of things to buy on Amazon, should it be moved up the list?

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